Batterer's Intervention Program

All persons have the right to live without fear, abuse, oppression and violence; there should be equality in relationships and survivors of battering should be helped to assume power over their own lives; no one deserves to be victimized by assaultive or abusive behavior; survivors should be treated with dignity and respect; all people involved in violent crimes are affected-victims, children, families, partners, friends, the community, and perpetrators; offending is a choice, and perpetrators of battering are solely responsible for their behavior; these perpetrators must be held accountable for their behavior, and a coordinated community response is the best approach to eliminating battering in Grady and Caddo Counties.


Program Description

The Batterer Intervention Program is no less than a 52 week course of group sessions, which are no less than 90 minutes in length. The focus of all services shall be on promoting victim safety and the elimination of violence within the home and to assist the batterer in developing personal responsibility and accountability for his or her behaviors, understanding the fundamentals of anger and emotions, learning effective coping strategies and recognizing the cyclic behavior. The services are based on non-victim blaming strategies.



Treatment professionals use written curriculum specifically designed for batterer intervention that comprehensively addresses the following:

  • Dynamics of domestic violence and power and control issues;
  • The sociocultural basis for violence, including domestic violence;
  • Issues of sexism and gender role stereotyping;
  • Non-abusive communication techniques;
  • Effective coping strategies;
  • Parenting;
  • Effect of domestic violence on children;
  • Developing healthy relationships;
  • Safety planning for the prevention of violence;
  • Effects of domestic violence on victims from a victim perspective;
  • The potential consequences of domestic violence;
  • Establishment of personal goals and objectives to eliminate violent, controlling, and abusive behavior.



Initial Assessment and Processing $100.00



Register in the Batterer's Intervention program:

Please call one of the numbers listed below and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

Chickasha (405) 222-KIDS (5437)
Anadarko (405) 247-KIDS (5437)
Out of area 1 (800) 998-1827

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Batterer's Intervention Program


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