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In Youth at Risk, Capuzzi and Gross identify the “at-risk” population as all youth regardless of age. They cite that every young person has the potential to develop at-risk behaviors. These behaviors may include but are not limited to failing in school, dropping out of school, aggression, violence, drug and alcohol use and abuse, pregnancy, depression, low self-esteem, isolation, displaying values and attitudes different from family, or a lack of communication with parents or siblings. Though this is a limited list of at-risk behaviors, many of these behaviors are prevalent in Grady and Caddo Counties.

Every day in Oklahoma

  1. 16 children quit high school without graduating
  2. 59 children are arrested for a crime - 2 of which are violent crimes like murder or rape

In Grady and Caddo County

  1. 5% of girls age 15-19 give birth each year
  2. 3% of high school students drop out.

How Grady and Caddo County Rank, with 1 being best and 77 being worst.

Grady County Caddo County
Dropout Rate 50 48
Juvenile Violent Crime Arrests 62 73
Childhood Stress 39 65


The above data was published in the Oklahoma Kids Count Factbook 2009, Oklahoma Kids Count Factbook 2007-2008.


As an Oklahoma Association of Youth Services Designated Youth Service Agency, our Community Based Prevention Services address the heart of our founding purpose and mission - “to implement programs that prevent juvenile delinquency; and to provide alternatives for the diversion of troubled children and youth from the Juvenile Justice System.” In an effort to implement more comprehensive prevention services and to address prevalent youth issues, Southwest Youth and Family Services, Inc. has partnered with Anadarko Public Schools and Chickasha Public Schools to provide curriculum based prevention activities and supportive services for children and youth. Services are provided in school, after school, and during the summer.

Prevention Topics

Peer Pressure
Life Skills
Problem Solving
Study Skills


Services are provided at no charge.


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