Drug Court

Drug Court – A Smart Investment

Incarceration Drug Court Participation
Average Annual Cost $19,000 $5,000
Re-arrest Rate 54.3% 23.5%


Drug Court Graduates, when compared to their status at program admission, have an

  1. 86.2% reduction in unemployment
  2. 82.2% increase in monthly income
  3. 23.1% decrease in individuals without a high school diploma
  4. 48.8% increase in children living at home

Data provided by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.


Drug Court – Treatment with Accountability

A multidisciplinary team comprised of the district judge, district attorney, defense attorney, treatment provider, law enforcement officers, and program coordinator work together to increase participant accountability through intensive substance abuse treatment and judicial supervision. The mission of the Drug Court is to enhance the public safety by breaking the cycle of abuse, providing treatment services to our rural county, re-integrating addicts into our society, reducing the cost of addiction to our society, and providing a judicially supervised regimen of treatment and innovative case management to substance abuse offenders with the goal of returning sober, law-abiding citizens to the community and thereby closing the revolving door to the criminal justice system.



The District Attorney and Drug Court Judge act as the gatekeepers of the Drug Court Program. No person can be assessed for or admitted to the Drug Court Program without prior approval from the District Attorney and Drug Court Judge. Persons with drug driven offenses are eligible for participation. However, individuals with offenses of a violent or sexual nature or with offenses pertaining to the possession with intent to distribute or the manufacturing or sale of illegal drugs/CDS may not be eligible for participation in the Drug Court Program. In order to be considered for participation in the Drug Court, the individual must complete the application provided by his/her attorney, the District Attorney, or the Drug Court Coordinator. The application should be submitted to the Drug Court Coordinator who will verify eligibility for participation.



Certified Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program



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